To attract and keep tenants happy and set your property apart from the competition, landlords need to provide appealing amenities. In Hampton Roads, renters are looking for properties that offer modern and convenient features that make their lives easier and more comfortable. There are several amenities that tenants can’t resist, from in-unit laundry rooms to smart home technology. 

It’s crucial for landlords in Hampton Roads to understand the features that tenants want and provide them in their rental properties. If you’d like to make your rental more appealing to prospective tenants, keep on reading!

What Are Amenities?

Amenities are features and services provided to renters by landlords. These include basic features like air conditioning, an in-unit washer and dryer, and luxurious amenities like a rooftop pool or fitness centers. Amenities can make the difference between a tenant choosing to rent your property or not.

8 Amenities Renters Are Searching For

Here are some of the top amenities that tenants look for in a rental property:

1. Modern Smart Home Features

Renters in Hampton Roads are embracing modern smart house features. These features may include camera doorbells, smart locks, lighting and thermostat controls, and automated lighting and security systems. 

Landlords can attract savvy renters who value connectivity and convenience by including these features in their rental properties. Smart home features can also help landlords manage their properties more efficiently by providing remote control and monitoring capabilities.

close up of an amazon alexa smart home device

That said, property owners must ensure their smart home features are dependable and user-friendly. Landlords should also be transparent about the data collected by these features and take steps to protect their tenants’ privacy. 

2. Granite Countertops and Stainless Steel Appliances

Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances are upgrades that can give rental homes a sense of luxury and modernity. These features are highly desirable among renters as they provide a sleek and stylish look that can elevate the overall feel of a property.

It’s important for landlords to balance the advantages and disadvantages of these improvements, though. While they can be a valuable investment for your real estate venture in the long run, they can also be expensive to install and maintain. Landlords should also consider the general design of their property and ensure that the upgrades blend in seamlessly.

3. Air Conditioning

For rental homes in Hampton Roads, reliable air conditioning is a requirement. Tenants look for properties that offer air conditioning that is regularly maintained and can effectively cool their living spaces.

To prevent breakdowns or malfunctions, landlords should make sure that their air conditioning systems are installed properly and maintained on a frequent basis. Additionally, they should give tenants detailed directions for operating and maintaining their air conditioning units during their tenancy. 

outdoor dining with a wooden table and six wicker chairs

4. Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor areas are another highly desired feature in rental properties. Tenants want access to a place where they can unwind and enjoy the outdoors, whether on a balcony, in the backyard, or in a shared outdoor space. Providing outdoor amenities like grilling areas, fire pits, or outdoor seating can make a property stand out.

However, landlords must ensure that their outdoor areas are well-maintained and secure for renters. This can involve routine maintenance tasks like lawn mowing, landscaping, and insect control. Landlords should also consider the climate and ensure their outdoor amenities suit all seasons.

5. Security and Safety

Security and safety are top priorities for all renters. Property owners prioritizing security and safety can more easily attract and retain renters. These amenities include smart locks, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, and security cameras.

Landlords should also ensure their rental properties are up to code and comply with all safety regulations. This can include ensuring all exits are easily accessible in an emergency and performing routine inspections of smoke detectors and fire suppression systems.

6. Walk-In Closets and Plenty of Storage

Many renters are looking for properties that offer ample storage space, including walk-in closets, built-in shelves, and extra storage units. Tenants want to be able to store all their belongings and keep an organized, clutter-free living environment.

walk in closet with white shelves before anything has been placed in it

Landlords should ensure that their rentals have plenty of storage space and if required, consider adding more storage options. This can include extra storage spaces in the front entrance, kitchen, or garage, or closet organizers and built-in shelves. 

7. In-Unit Washer and Dryer

In-unit washer and dryer units are highly desirable amenities for renters. Instead of having to share shared laundry facilities or drive to a laundromat, tenants prefer the ease of doing their laundry in the privacy of their homes. 

In-unit washing and dryer units help landlords draw in and retain tenants who value comfort and convenience. They should ensure these devices are installed properly and frequently maintained to prevent breakdowns or malfunctions.

8. Provide Ample Security

Apart from security features like locks, smoke detectors, and security cameras, landlords can provide ample security by ensuring their tenants feel safe and protected. This may entail hiring personnel, like a doorman, to watch over a multi-unit property or setting up security systems that provide round-the-clock surveillance. Landlords can also provide their tenants with easy access to emergency services and create specific protocols for handling security issues or potential threats.

Bottom Line 

Offering top amenities is key to attracting and retaining tenants in Hampton Roads. Landlords who prioritize modern and convenient, safety features can set their properties apart from the competition and attract tenants who value these amenities. From smart home technology to ample storage space, there are several features for landlords to choose from. 

As a property management company, Keyrenter Property Management Hampton Roads can assist landlords in identifying these amenities to help their properties succeed in the rental market. We can also help manage all aspects of your rental properties. Contact us today to learn more about our property management services!