Landscaping can be frustrating for landlords, especially when their various rental properties require substantial maintenance. Implementing low-maintenance landscaping solutions can go a long way toward eliminating this stress and ensuring that the rental property looks great without requiring significant work. This also tends to be a huge draw for potential tenants. Here are a few low-maintenance landscaping ideas for rental properties. 


There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to the landscaping of your rental property. Consider how the landscaping investment will improve the value of the property will help you to determine how much you want to invest in your landscaping. The overall curb appeal of the property tends to have a substantial impact on the value of the rental property. It is also crucial to consider potential maintenance requirements of the landscaping, as well as the shade placement of the landscaping. 


Hardscaping is a landscaping process where you replace the traditional grass and other fixtures with hard, minimal-maintenance surfaces like rocks. This method is popular due to its pristine appearance and reduced maintenance, but it may not be a great option for properties that allow pets. 


Xeriscaping focuses on the overall placement of plants on the property. It groups plants with similar water needs in order to conserve water. Xeriscaping also tends to focus on plants that have minimal water requirements in order to further reduce water consumption. Landscaping is an important component of keeping a rental property appealing. Low-maintenance solutions can go a long way toward reducing the necessity of excessive time investments. The various methods can help to improve the appearance of the property and reduce your required maintenance time and expenses. To get more information about the best landscaping ideas for rental properties, contact our expert team at the Keyrenter in Hampton Roads today!