Even if you have a newly renovated Hampton Roads rental, if it’s vacant it can’t generate income but it will still produce costs. This is why marketing is an essential skill to have since you’ll encounter vacancies in the course of owning a rental property. Focus on learning how to advertise effectively to attract a lot of potential tenants.

Launch a great marketing campaign by focusing on increasing the visibility of your vacant Hampton Roads rental property. If your advertising is a success, prospects will flock to your available units and you can screen for the best renters to occupy them. Below are useful recommendations you can consider implementing in your Hampton Roads rental property:

Dedicate Time to Your Photography

While the text is important in ads, the first thing that catches a person’s attention is the photos. It can be the thing that drives a person to read the entire description. Studies have shown that property listings that include images tend to get higher views. It’s, therefore, important to consider using them when marketing your Hampton Roads rental property.

Professional photos look clear and crisp, allowing the prospects to look at the details of the property features. The goal is to let your images market your rental for you. Consider the following:

Photography Staging

Staging before capturing property photos is vital to ensure your resulting pictures look outstanding. Remove clutter and create a space that inspires one to live in your Hampton Roads rental property. 

person holding a camera, batteries and SD cards

Clean up the area well and remove the personal items scattered around. You should also clean the exterior parts of the unit, as you’ll want photos of that too.

Photography Lighting

Lighting is a key contributor that makes pictures look crisp and attractive. Consider this element before having a photo session. Maximizing natural light and scheduling the shoot during the golden hours is best. 

Should the day be overcast, gloomy, or cloudy, you can opt to use additional lighting through lighting kits to ensure clarity in your images. Just make sure there aren’t too many shadows in your photos. The more details are seen in the pictures, the more time viewers will spend looking at them. 

Refine Your Advertising Copy

Now that you have a set of excellent photos, you can focus on nailing down the property description. Make sure to use the right words that motivate people to book a property showing. Captivate with your text and create a cohesive story. The more details and emotional impact your words present, the more views you can end up with.

The copy is divided into two parts, the headline, and the property description:


Headlines can draw more interest to your Hampton Roads rental property. This is why you need to ensure you have a great headline. It should have the needed information straight away.  

person writing out possible marketing headlines at their desk

Use this formula when formulating a headline for your advertising copy as it engages an audience more:

  • Rent price rate + Number of bedrooms + Number of bathrooms + Property Type + Location + Best Feature

Though it appears to be lengthy, it shows what information prospective tenants are looking for. It tells them right away if it meets the minimum criteria they’re looking for, the area they want to live in, and most importantly, if they can afford it.

Property Descriptions

After coming up with the headline, you can now turn your attention to creating a description of your Hampton Roads rental property. This is where you can build an emotional connection with your audience and stir their imagination. 

You can talk about the location and selling features of the rental unit like if it comes furnished. Talking about the amenities and surrounding neighborhood also helps promote your property. Policies and conditions can be mentioned here, especially regarding pet policy and other essential or non-negotiable matters. 

You can also state if the utility fees are included and if there are available facilities, like a gym or pool, that renters can use. This is important to mention if your property type is an apartment, multi-family building, or condo unit. 

person in blue shirt writing on their laptop at a desk

Finally, you should mention information regarding the distance to the transportation hub, nearest schools, malls, grocery stores, and hospitals. Be detailed and concise when writing the description.

Distribute Your Ad Effectively

Though you have the best photos accompanying your property description, your ad can fall flat if you don’t use the right marketing channels. Use popular property listing sites to ensure that your Hampton Roads rental property ad has high visibility. You should also take advantage of the power of social media to reach a large audience. If not, you’ll be left with longer vacancy periods.

What’s more, you shouldn’t limit yourself to online marketing. Market offline as well, through yard signs, newspaper classified ads, and even flyers. Spread the word to your personal and professional network locally as they might be able to refer someone, making things easier for you.

Conduct Ad Monitoring

Once you’ve posted the ads, you might think the work is over. However, you need to check the results of your Hampton Roads rental property ad. Be more proactive through frequent posting. This results in having more prospects and you can select the best tenant among them. 

You can also try boosting your ads for more exposure. Though this requires a fee, consider this as an investment. The faster you land quality renters, the more stable your rental earnings are. 

Bottom Line

To effectively market your Hampton Roads rental property you need to have attractive photos, craft great ad copy, and use the best distribution channels. You can also consider hiring a trusted property management company to perform the marketing to save you time further. 

The team at Keyrenter Hampton Roads can help you with all your property management needs. Contact our team of qualified property managers today to learn more about our services!